Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal Investigators

Michael Groth


Michael Groth, He was born and raised in Poughkeepsie NY, Currently living in Wingdale NY. He has one sister. He is in the maple syrup business. Michael like's to SkateBoard, and Photography. His duty as an Investigator is Equipment/Tech Manager. He is responsible for making sure all the Equipment is up and running properly. Michael is our "SKEPTIC" which make's a great asset for the team.


Leah Fieldson


Leah, She was born and raised in a very small town of HighLand Falls NY. She is an only child as well as a single mom to a Handsome 2 year old boy. She is a Passionate and caring person who love's teaching Zumba and has a passion helping and caring for other's which is what she does for work. Her duty as an Investigator is Research about the location's we Investigate. She also help's with setting up the Equipment and also a great asset to the team.

James Mulcahy


James also known as "THE JOKSTER" is the Founder and Lead Investigator of Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators. He founded the group in early 2005 after having a NDE (NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE) when he was 10 year's old. He was investigating the Paranormal since the Mid-90's. His responsibilities include, Setting up and meeting with the Client's. Directing the team on investigation's. Reviewing and analyzing footage as well as editing footage. He was born and raised in Poughkeepsie NY. He has 3 Sister's and 2 Brother's. He is 35 year's old. He also has 2 Beautiful children, A 5 year old Boy and A 16 year old Girl. When he isn't Investigating his regular job is a HandyMan. He love's to build new Equipment for the team as well as play Video game's.

Jessica Rodriguez

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Jessica, She was born in New Rochelle  NY and currently live's in Wingdale NY. She has 1 Brother and 1 Sister. She like's Photography, Cosmetology, Drawing, Writing and Music. Jessica is our Investigator-In-Training which mean's, She's new to the team and Field of Investigating. Her duty is assisting with Equipment set up and Photography. I believe she will be a great asset to the team as well.

Kelli Beautes Weber

Kelli Has been Investigating for quite some time. She is a new member of Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators. She got into the field after dealing with Activity at Her job site and is not afraid to jump into an Investigation. Kelli's duty is Equipment set up. She to will also be a great asset to the team.